Biometric Age Verification

Algorithm and software for verifying the age using fingerprints' images
in mobile transactions and applications

About Algorithm

Patented invention for desktop and mobile applications


Children's internet safety has been becoming one of the most important tech concerns today. Yet, existing age verification/determination solutions are either too complex or just ineffective. Moreover, researchers believe, that there can not be reliable biometric age verification technology at all.
After few years of work and testing, I have finally patented algorithm to verify age using fingerprints.


The algorithm was elaborated on the base of research in forensics, image recognition and biology. It does not determine the exact age, but serves as preliminary and simple safety measure in high risk transactions.

Areas of application

  • Mobile transactions which require age verification;
  • Selfcheckouts, vending machines.

How Fingerprint Age Verification Works

  • Acquire fingerprint image with fingerprint sensor (MS Fingerprint Reader, Digital Persona U.are.U 4500);
  • A spatial map of the friction ridges of the skin and the valleys between them is built according to AFIS (Automated fingerprint identification systems) standards;
  • Verify extracted features according to algorithm and prebuilt configurations to determine age range.
  • Proved accuracy: 75% for age 14+ and 90% for school-age (6 to 12 years). Which means that for 75% of users, age verification process will be easy and hassle-free.
    At a touch of a finger.

Download demo desktop application to test the algorithm

What's Next

Development of mobile applications

Usually, using desktop, you have all data, required for age restricted transactions, on hand in your profile. And instead of using fingerprint sensor to prove own age, you just present documents or records issued by such trusted authorities as banks, government agencies, etc.

On the other hand, with use of mobiles, it is not as simple. Implementation of age verification functionality for smartphones with fingerprint sensors will create a great level of use convenience and customer satisfaction.

The major issue in this area is integration of the algorithm into trusted execution environments (TEE, secure area) of processors. TEE guarantees that the code and data loaded there are protected with respect to confidentiality and integrity. Which means third party applications, including our, can not TEE.

At this stage we need cooperation in the following:

  • Development of avprototype: smartphone with modified TEE, to demonstrate age verification functionality.
  • Marketing of a product to manufacturers.
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Mykhailo Spivak

Inventor & CEO

About Us

He has been developing biometric, desktop and mobile applications since 2003: security, entertainment and business. Owner of 3 patents in biometrics and gaming, author of publications about business processes re-engineering, balance score card, Six Sigma, biometric security. Inventor, co-founder and director of Merqum, Ukrainian tech company.

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