The technology, in essence, is mathematical algorithm, elaborated on the base of researches of Ukrainian and Russian forensic experts. I created it, working on patented method of biometric password generation.

I am Mykhailo Spivak, co-founder and manager of Merqum, IT company working in area of enterprise and SEO solutions.

How it works / Download

- Acquire fingerprint image with fingerprint scanner. Models: Microsoft fingerprint reader, Digital Persona U.are.U 4500;
- Process image and extract features;
- Verify extracted features according to algorithm.

Download demo software to test the algorithm

What's next

Windows application is being tested and developed, followed with Android port.

Planned products:
- Free software for end user applications;
- Desktop fingerprint readers for home and public age verification;
- Licensing of mobile applications;
- Licensing of server side applications for webprojects.

Download whitepaper


We are interested in contacts about implementation of fingerprint age verification, joint development and investments.