This biometric / fingerprint age verification algorithm was elaborated on the base of researches in forensics, image recognition and biology.
It does not determine the exact age, but serves as preliminary and simple safety measure in high risk transactions.
The most attractive areas of application:
- Phones with fingerprint sensors (requires implementation for trusted execution environments);
- Selfcheckouts, vending machines.
The algorithm was implemented in Windows application, you may download it below.

How it works / Download

- Acquire fingerprint image with fingerprint scanner; models: Microsoft fingerprint reader, Digital Persona U.are.U 4500;
- Process image and extract features;
- Verify extracted features according to algorithm.

Download demo software to test the algorithm

What's next

Currently the major issue is integration of the algorithm into trusted execution environments of smartphones. So, fingerprint sensors will have additional feature of verifying the age.
However, for security reasons, figerprint sensors's data must be processed without access by any 3-d party application. Therefore, such integration is impossible without cooperation with hardware manufacturers.

Download whitepaper for more detailed information


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