The technology, in essence, is mathematical algorithm, elaborated on the base of researches of Ukrainian and Russian forensic experts. I created it, working on now patented biometric password generation method, which is still being developed.

I am Mykhailo Spivak, founder and manager of Merqum, software company working with enterprise and SEO solutions.

How it works

- Acquire fingerprint image with fingerprint scaner. Model: Microsoft fingerprint reader;
- Process image and extract features. Software: SourceAFIS - Opensource fingerprint matcher ;
- Verify extracted features according to algorithm. Software: Proprietary. I do not plan to disclose algorithm (icluding patenting) untill method is fully implemented.

Current false recognition rate for ages 6-12 years old is 10-15% from 1st attempt, and 0% for 3+ attempts of verification.

What next

Algorithm works in testing mode and requires implementation. This includes development of front and back end applications.

Planned products:
- Free software for end user applications;
- Desktop fingerprint readers for home and public age verification;
- Licensing of mobile applications;
- Licensing of server side applications for webprojects.

I am looking for partners and investors in this ambitious project.


Drop me message if interested